Speakers and Panels

Tracks for CyBit:

IT Security - Governance, Risk & Compliance

IT Security - Data Security/Cloud Security

Cyber Security Secure Communications, Electronics, Critical Infrastructure

Cyber Security Command and Control, Readiness and Tactical Operations 

Tracks for The Computer Forensics Show:

Legal Track A - Electronic Discovery

Legal Track B - Records/Document Management

Investigations/Incident Management

Mobile Devices/ Mobile Risk Management

Additional classes will also be available to attendees:

C4SEM-CJ-103 Certified Critical Infrastructure Protection Specialist (CCIPS) Credit: 3

C4SEM-SEC-105 Cyber Terrorism – Security Credit: 3

Computer Forensics Examiner- CCFE Boot Camp - 5 Days

Cell Phone Forensics (Boot Camp)

Hands-On How-To® Malware Analysis Training

Hands-On How-To® Incident Response Training

Implementing a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Initiative

Kevin C. Wieting, Security Consulting Principal Consultant, Dell Secure Works

The Economics of Cyber Security

Larry Clinton President and CEO, The Internet Security Alliance (ISA)

Building a defensible organization – What steps a CISO can take to help their organization detect, respond, restore “faster”

Rafal Los, Sr. Security Strategist, HP Software

Governance, Risk and Compliance: Processes and Tools

Evan Tegethoff, Solutions Architect, Accuvant

Security Monitoring & Data Privacy – How to Strike the Right Balance

Matthew Gardiner, Sr. Manager, RSA Security

Panel Discussion

Cyber Security

Jody Westby, Esq., CEO and Founder, Global Cyber Risk

Michael Atkins President and CEO Incident Logic, LLC

Buzzword Beatdown: Beyond the Threat Intelligence Hype

Lance James, Chief Scientist, Vigilant, Inc.

Social Engineering Threats

Joseph Kirkpatrick, Managing Partner, RavenEye

Hack Anatomy

Jeffrey Bernstein, Vice President, Critical Defence, LLC

Executive Order on Cyber Security: Substance or Show?

Richard H.L. Marshall Esq, CEO at Whitenoise Laboratories of Canada
Former Director Global Cyber Security Management, National Cyber Security Division, Department of Homeland Security

Fingerprinting and Analyzing CINDER attack vectors against corporate and military networks using Analytical Cubes and Link Analysis

Kent Stern, Managing Director, Lead Data Mining Architecture, CodeCenters International Inc

The Reality of Cloud Identity – it’s not that black or white – it’s BOTH

Robert Block, FishNet Security

Cyber Warfare - The Reality Is That We Are All Under Attack

Matthew J. Lane, Vice President and CTO, JANUS Associates, Inc.

The World of Cyberthreats

Stuart McClure,CEO/President of Cylance, Inc.

Insider Threat Assessment: How to Find and Address Your Vulnerabilities to Insider Threat

Thomas D. Bracewell, Advisor, Information Technology, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Sharing Without Sacrifice: Managing Systems and Mitigating Risk in Today’s Virtual Military

Lawrence Garvin, Head Geek, SolarWinds

Panel Discussion

How to manage mobile devices in the workplace

Richard H.L. Marshall Esq, CEO at Whitenoise Laboratories of Canada
Former Director Global Cyber Security Management, National Cyber Security Division, Department of Homeland Security

Cyber Hacktivists vs. the Remote Access Employee…Who’s Winning!

Mark L. Kay, Chairman & CEO, StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.

Self-Collection Risks,Challenges & Possibilities

John Wilson ACE, Director of Forensics, TrustPoint International

Moving Beyond Predictive Coding – Techniques to Leverage Predictive Technologies during Data Collection

Scott Giordano, Esq., CISSP, CIPP, Corporate Technology Counsel, Exterro, Inc.

Non-Document Electronic Discovery: Vital Data Unexplored

Robert Gezelter Principal, RGSC

Designing e-Discovery for Enterprise-Scale Operations

Randy Cochran Founder and Senior Technical Architect, Data Center Enhancements Inc

Information Governance and eDiscovery Planning for Big Data

Robert A. Cruz, Senior Director, Archive & eDiscovery

Solutions at Proofpoint
Ron Tienzo, eDiscovery Consultant Catalyst Repository Systems

Panel Discussion

The Practitioner’s Assistant—The Ultimate E-Discovery Practice Support Role

Robert Eisenberg, Director of eDiscovery Services, OrcaTec LLC

Forensic Data Recovery from Solid State Storage Technology - New Challenges for eDiscovery

Chris Bross, Senior Enterprise Data Recovery Engineer at DriveSavers

Panel Discussion

The Career Path in Information Governance, Knowledge Management, E-Discovery, Computer Forensics, Cyber Security, and IT Security

Mchael Potters CEO The Glenmont Group

Patrick Burke eDiscovery Counsel at Reed Smith

Anne E. Kershaw, Esq. A.Kershaw, PC ,Attorneys & Consultants

Michael Simon, Director of Strategic Development, Navigant

Info Security in the eDiscovery Process

Doug Stewart, Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Daegis

Panel Discussion

Discovery in the Enterprise

Manfred Gabriel, Director, KPMG

Panel Discussion

Finding the smoking Bit, Understanding Computer Forensics for Attorneys and Investigators

Jim Carden, CEO, Digital Blue Solutions Inc.

Panel Discussion

Human Forensics, Investigation and Incident Management of Computer and Human Data

Dr. Alenka Brown, Center for Technology and National Security Policy, National Defense University

Michael Atkins President and CEO Incident Logic, LLC

Robert D. Moody President / CEO at Forensic Data Services, Inc.

Computer Forensics Meets The Dark Cloud: Tips and Tricks for a Cyber Investigation

Paul G. Lewis, Vice President, Data Forensics and Information Security Services, T&M Protection Resources

FLogging: Using Forensic Logging for Real-Time APT Detection

Lance James - Chief Scientist, Vigilant, Inc.

Identification for Risk Assessments Of Social Media Use

Robert Shullich, Consultant, SystemExperts Corporation

Mobile Biometrics and the Challenge of Attribution

Abigail Porter Director of Program Management Delfigo Security

Disrupting Enterprise Mobile Security

Cleve Adams, CEO, AirPatrol

Mobile malware: the increasing Android threat

Richard Wang, Head Sophos’ global network of security threat analysis centers

Future Shock: How mobility is forcing enterprises to completely rethink security

Michael SuttonVP, Security Research Zscaler

Extracting and Decoding Smartphone and Tablet Evidence with the UFED Touch: An In-Depth Demo

Ronen Engler Engineering Product Manager, Cellebrite

(Additional Sessions are being added)

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