President and Chief Executive Officer at The ARC Group of New York

Anthony Reyes

Anthony Reyes is President and Chief Executive Officer of The ARC Group of New York, and a member of ARC’s Board of Directors. A visionary, decisive and results-oriented leader, Mr. Reyes is recognized globally for his work in the cyber security industry, establishing many of the industry standards currently in use today. With over 17 years of experience identifying, responding, and addressing cyber related issues, Mr. Reyes is an internationally recognized practitioner, trainer, and lecturer in the areas of technology and traditional investigations. His investigation topics include incident response, network forensics, intellectual property theft, identity theft, computer forensics, electronic discovery, cyber terrorism, network security, data encryption, steganography and malware detection. He is often asked to weigh in on events for new papers, publications, and television. He has appeared on CNN, MSN Money, Bloomberg, and other television and online broadcast, and has been quoted numerous times in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Forbes, etc. Mr. Reyes has been intricate in winning hundreds of legal cases during the course of his career.